A collection inspired by plastic molding process

Jungeun Lee was born in South Korea. She was a Royal College of Arts Student finishing her MA degree when she rethought about the fundamental process of producing a garment. Inspired by plastic molding process she wanted to apply this technique into creating 3-dimensional garments. Experimenting and researching unconventional methods she has created a fashion collection made from covering synthetic strand around a wooden form. 

Nuue, the collection’s name, means cocoon in Korean

After being coiled, the fiber undergoes through a heating process with pressure and is molded into a 3-dimensional garment completed with only unitary fibre and heat! The results are incredible aerial flexible and sculptural garments. Originally called Wrapped Garment project, the collection name became Nuue after a word that means cocoon in Korean.

A groundbreaking sustainable project

The conceptual products that have been created through this innovative technique display the sustainability potential of this idea. This process doesn’t require fabric and can use recycled synthetic fiber. Therefore, all the traditional garment production steps such as making/cutting pattern, and sawing are pointless. Best of all, there is no leftover or wastage of material in the building process

Jungeun Lee now works on solo project or with accomplice Shota Aoyagi on various projects in their design studio, Koya. She is currently working on the next collection of Nuue.

Synthetic fibre is wrapping around a wooden form such as a mannequin or a board. 

Through a heating process, the fibre transforms itself into a 3-dimensional molded garment.. 

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