This amazing line of rings entirely made by hand by the Canadian brand “Secret Wood” are like a miniature world designed and made to order (it takes 4-5 weeks to make a ring) for each customer.

miniature-worlds-rings-Rio Grande

These Poetic Wooden Rings Contain Miniature Worlds

Crafted using wood, jewelry resin, and beeswax, all the rings are unique… Means the little world you will carry at your finger is just for yourself. In another words, with a piece of this jewelry line, you will be the queen of your own kingdom.

I’m just saying.


Prices vary (about $90-$110USD)

miniature-worlds-rings-Water Ballroom

miniature-worlds-rings-Snowy Field

miniature-worlds-rings-Purple Rain


miniature-worlds-rings-Cite des Fleurs

miniature-worlds-rings-Aquatic City

(via Fashionably Geek)

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