Mbody is the first wearable tech to let you see the electrical activity of your muscles (EMG electromyography) in real time. It is a brand new way to understand and improve muscle balance and performance while warming up and workout.


Intelligent workout shorts embedded with bio-signal sensors

A Finnish company, Myontec (“My own tech”), makes intelligent workout compression shorts embedded with bio-signal sensors that can pick-up the electrical activity of the muscles in the hams and quads. Data is collected by the MCell, a removable system that transmit information via Bluetooth to the user’s mobile device.



Analyze your muscles activity in real time

The sensors are connected to a dedicated app called Mbody, that uses the data to monitor muscle load, balance ratio, heart rate and cadence – no matter the physical environment or type of activity. Users can for example, tell if the muscles in each leg are being worked equally. If not, they can adjust their workout accordingly, Users can keep tracks from their workout sessions, to see how they’re progressing. They also can access to a cloud-based service called Movescount where they can create training programs, keep a training diary or connect with other Mbody’s users.


Impact of warming-up the muscles is finally revealed

With this wearable tech, the impact of warming-up the muscles is also revealed. Timo Vuorimaa, a Doctor of Sports and Health Sciences and a senior teacher at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences explains : ”We don’t know yet whether it is due to innervation or metabolism – or both, nevertheless, there is without exception a decrease in muscle activity after muscles have warmed up and are ready for a hard training session. The readiness varies between individuals and depending on the recovery from previous workouts and other circumstances.”


A new way to understand and improve muscle balance and performance

While training using these shorts, athletes, including weekend warriors, can improve muscle balance and thus improve performance by analysing data and adapting training consequently.


The shorts and app can help after injuries to optimize rehabilitation

As a bonus, Janne Pylväs, Director of Myontec Customer Experience Management explains the shorts and app are also very useful after injuries to optimize rehabilitation. As a practical (and essential feature!) the MShorts MCell sensors can be removed when the shorts are washed.

The complete Mbody setup is already available for for sale for US$1,200 (about €900 ).


Source: Mbody


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