Barbie clothes incorporate sound activated LED lights and touch screen tech!

This Barbie® Digital Dress doll makes a customizable digital fashion statement combining fashion, sound-activation and on-trend technology. The doll’s black dress uses the latest LED and touch-screen technology with a 4.5 square inch resistive touch panel and 114 tri-color LEDs.

Children (and Barbie’s fans) can digitally change the designs on Barbie’s dress    

Using a stylus, Barbie’s fans will be able to create and select their own animated digital designs which appear “in lights” on the dress front. The doll features three modes, which can be switched with the buttons built into her heartshaped necklace. Programmes are: ready-to-use graphics like hearts and fireworks, a custom designs mode, and a special mode with animated designs that respond to sounds and music.

The new doll, will be available in August 2013 for $50.00

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    • I never though Dassault Systems could write an article about barbie! This is as fun as it is a great surprise.
      Long life to fashion lab


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