Enzymes added to the clothes during the textile production allowed the garments to last longer

Kids usually don’t take care of their clothes. maybe more especially when the clothes we are talking about are school uniforms they have to wear day in and day out. Searching for a solution Marks & Spencer in a collaboration with Novozymes, has developed sustainable enzymes, the “Stay NewTM technology”. The process is quite simple: the enzymes are adding to the clothes during the textile production helping the garments to be stronger right from the get-go.

The whole process production saves water and reduces energy during production

This new technology is also surfing on the “green wave” but is also a part of their goal to become the most sustainable retailer by 2015. Since the Stay NewTM technology enzymes are added during the bleaching and dying process, the whole process saves water and reduces energy during production. At the end, it should dramatically decrease costs, not to mention the “add value” for their customers, the consolidation of their favourable public opinion

Made from comfortable fabrics, the unisex line is available online and at M&S stores.





  1. If only we could easily find this kind of uniforms here in the USA! In addition the prices are really interesting. Maybe you could offer to Target to develop such products? Thank you


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