A men’s sweater equipped with a personal video screen, on the left sleeve

Clothing brand Sean John  (rapper, record producer Puff Daddy’s fashion line) and retailer Macy’s have announced that they will be offering the world’s first video fashion clothing. The little embedded display on the sleeve (a 2.8-inch active matrix OLED panel) comes from Recom Group and is called the Video Name Tag. With a resolution of just 320×240 and 2 GB of storage, and a 2.8-inch display. On a full charge the internal lithium-ion battery allows you to play videos or run slideshows continuously for 6 to 10 hours. The modernism has its limits, note the display has to be removed for cleaning the sweater!

Brilliant idea or Flagrant lack of taste?

The shawl-collared sweaters will be available around the USA in select Macy’s stores from this week, for at an introductory promotion price of $125. Then it will be on sale at its regular pricing, $198.  “This is a big deal for Macy’s and Sean John,” CEO Rob Norden tells. “It’s never been done before.” The Press Release promesses you’ll get a lot of attention while clubbing. Hum… ok… Still, wouldn’t it make more sense to put it more on the front? It would still be tacky, but do you really want people staring at your arm all the time?

If you are in the mood to show-off, click here to find out if your Macy’s is one of the locations that will be selling the video sweater.

Via Gizmodo 


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