+TONGTONG Launches the “les ailes Noires” clothing rack collection inspired by line drawings.

Multidisciplinary Canadian based design studio +tongtong launched a series of clothing racks designed to be super flexible and playful in a variety of environments. The geometric welded steel collection is inspired by line drawings and how these lines can communicate three dimensions.

3D perspective and trompe-l’oeils

The serie includes 11 pieces that seem two-dimensional when viewed straight on. When placed against a white wall, the two-dimensional projection and gray geometric shadow of the black wireframe are striking and appear drawn, creating the illusion of more volumes, as the perception changes from the 2D to 3D.“I was trying to create something that was more than a hanging rail on wheels or wall system,” says +tongtong principal John Tong.

A unique illusion, and, alone, a thing of modern art 

The collection by +tongtong contains 11 pieces including a full-length mirror, a wall-mounted sideboard with glass shelf, a ceiling-hung rack and eight freestanding racks designed to sturdy lean against a wall without the need for any hardware. Made of welded 19×19 millimetre steel bars, the pieces are available by special order in flat black, white powder coating or polished chrome versions.


Photos Colin Faulkner

Video credit: Concept and Direction Colin Faulkner + tongtong

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