When it comes to packing your bag, it can be tough to find the room for all you will need in a tiny carry-on suitcase.

Heading home for Thanksgiving this year?

We all know how challenging it can be to pack for a long week end. With all of the delicious food that you will be sure to indulge in, it could sound reasonable to plan to get outside for some exercise but the pain of packing heavy boots in your bag when there’s already no space could serves as a good excuse… especially if you have to deal with the “no bag allowed in the plane for domestic travel unless you pay an arm and leg” policy. This could be your last year of excusable laziness!


Collapsible and Packable

With only 9.9 ounces lightweight, those innovative  super comfortable LEMS Foldable Boulder Boot are just made to be packed! The whole boots are completely collapsible. They can be twisted or folded to take lesser room without compromise with durability and comfort.


Instantly comfy right out of the box

Constructed with an air-infused injection rubber sole, an insole made of 3mm MoistureWick foam, an upper of full-grain leather (60%) and water-resistant nylon (40%) and a pure cotton lining, those boots compete with any other much more heavier and bulky regular good boulder boots. Plus, their super light weight and 100% cotton lining made them ultra comfortable.

LEMS Foldable Boulder Boot $115



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