Last year, same time, FashionLab was in Vancouver, Canada, with NVIDIA and 4N for the Siggraph.
Siggraph is one of the biggest fair related to computer graphics research, attracting hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors.

This year, the international conference and exhibition will be in the Californian sun: Los Angeles.
And this year again, the FashionLab will be part of NVIDIA booth, with the Watch Brand 4N.


Why FashionLab @ Siggraph?

Since the launch of FashionLab in 2011, most of the events we organize or we participate in are fashion or luxury events. But remember, our main motto is “Technology is beautiful when not visible”. Therefore, we want to attend more “technical” events such as Siggraph to reveal and better explain our motto.

On top of that, we have two strong partnerships that make this possible: the watch bran 4N, owned by François Quentin, and NVIDIA,


What are we going to show?

This year, the FashionLab will reveal a “side by side” version of the 4N – black edition. On one side, we will have a realistic view of the 3D digital watch on a screen. On the other side, we will present the real watch positioned the same way as the real one. The goal? Show that there is no difference between the physical watch and its virtual “Twin”.

This kind of project is aimed at showing that digital contents can extend physical goods, in context of a fair but also and more important in front of customers, in a store or on-line on a website. When a designer starts creating in 3D, the digital source can be used all along the creative chain, until the promotion. And this is the future of this industry.

4N Watch - 3D image (3)

Where to find us?

FashionLab and 4N will be on NVIDIA booth number 500.


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