At first glance, the Kisai Spider Acetate is a simple digital watch featuring an LCD screen and an LED light for reading the time in the dark. What makes the Kisai Spider Acetate interesting besides its design is that it is actually hard to read!

Reading the time will be an exercise in decryption

Inspired by spider webs, this watch supplied in a limited edition by TokyoFlash, have the particularity to display time via a hexagonal transparent Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to create the impression that time is floating on your wrist. Four numbers, displayed from large to small, show the digital time in an original and so called but not so intuitive way…

See some examples of how to read the time below:


Would you be able to read the time here? (Answer in the comments if you dare!)


The Spider Acetate is available on TokyoFlash website for $159.00








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