Khushi Baby is an NFC (near-field communication) necklace that digitizes data at the point of care. It is made to improve vaccination rates in the developing world.


In the developing world, millions of children never complete their basic vaccinations

The team behind Khushi Baby (Khushi means happiness in Hindi!) met at Yale in a class called “Appropriate Technology for the Developing World”. During their studies, they were challenged to work on a project that would improve vaccination rates. Ruchit Nagar, co-founder at Khushi Baby discovered that ONG and community health workers in India had to work very hard to track records and remind mothers, not familiar with vaccination, about upcoming inoculation clinics and updates for their babies. Despite this efforts, millions of children never complete their basic vaccinations and many of them die because of this lack of monitoring.


Babies can now wear their entire vaccination record

The team had the idea to built an inexpensive (less than $1 US) and cute digital necklace, working with a matching mobile app that streamline the process of vaccinating children in the developping world. With this wearable tech system, children can wear their entire vaccination record. All the data is stored on a tiny near-field communication chip that can be accessed without an internet connection. It’s durable, battery-free, waterproof, almost indestructible  and, most importantly, reliable.


Why a necklace?

Khushi Baby team chose to make a necklace because in northern India, most babies are already wearing necklace, to bring good health and fortune. Last year, Kushi Baby team won the “Thorne Prize for Social Innovation” and their project was successfully funded on Kickstarter.


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