Whether you have the soul of a spy or not, this small wearable tech, a dictaphone bracelet, could serve you well. Developed by two young Americans, Mike Sarow, who was working as an Engineer, and Matthew Dooley, an “expert in social media” this small device called “Kapture” is not like your usual recorder. Designed with a sober style, it has the distinction of continuously recording what happens around you. The retro-microphone inspired design has no buttons or screens. All you have to do is tap the device, and it instantly saves.

kapture 4

An always-on audio-recording wristband

The always-on Kapture wristband will allow you to capture save and share the last 60 seconds of audio that just happend. Handy if you want to capture things that you do not necessarily expect: for example, your child (or your significant one) that suddenly gives you a promise… Moments illustrated with humor by the designers of the bracelet in the short movie below…

How It Works:

The bracelet records audio in a 60 second buffered loop.  The buffered loop continuously overwrites itself until the user taps the device to save a clip of the previous 60 seconds.  The saved file is downloaded to your smartphone where the duration can be shortened. With the included smartphone app, you can store your files, name them, edit, share, and replay your audio clips for as long as you want.

kapture 3    

Choose from a range of colors to customize the strap and grill of your Kapture ($75 and up), including black, white, yellow, sea foam, and orange.

kapture 2

Prototype Tech Specs:

Dimensions: 27.5mm x 35mm x 13.2mm (body)

Body & Grill: Impact proof plastic

Band: medical grade silicone strap

Water resistant construction

Weight: 0.5oz (body), 0.5oz (strap)

Battery: 120mAh battery (>24 hour battery life)

Multicolor LED

Vibrating motor ·Bluetooth 2.1 (moving to 4.0 for production)

Microphone: waterproof omnidirectional solid state microphone

Micro-USB charging

Accelerometer: 3 axis solid state capable of high fidelity motion tracking

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