Julien Fournié was on the Michel Field’s French radio show “Rendez Vous à l’Hôtel”

This hebdo show is a direct live from L’Hôtel Costes. Michel Field, the host, invites the people who are making the cultural actuality in paris, from theatre, music, arts, fashion or litterature…

This show was recorded on 02/07/2012

The guests :
Vincent LACOSTE, Actor
Aure ATIKA, Actress
For the Jonathan Zaccaï movie « JC comme Jesus Christ » with Vincent Lacoste, Aure Atika, Elsa Zylberstein.
Baptiste GIABICONI, model, lead singer,
For the single « One night in Paradise » from his first album « Oxygen »
Gilles LEGRAND, movies’ director
For the « Tu seras mon fils » DVD launching. A Gilles Legrand movie, with Niels Arestrup, Lorant Deutsch, Patrick Chesnais.
Arthur LOUSTALOT, writer
for the book « Là où commence le secret » (Lattès)
Julien FOURNIÉ, Fashion designer
Tiffany BUATHIER, entrepreneur « Petihood »
Louis-José HOUDE, humorist
for the show « Les heures verticales » until march 31st at the Point Virgule.

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