Invited to the Hotel Marcel Dassault (Artcurial) on the Champs Elysées in Paris to present his Couture Collection, Julien Fournié amazed us with his spectacular and (both litterary and figuartively) flowery Fashion Show.

Julien_Fournie_defile2_01-2014    Julien_Fournie_defile4_01-2014

The collection entitled “First Frisson” celebrates the transistion from being a girl to becoming a young woman and the range of emotion it brings. A bit like an Alice in Wonderland painted by Marie Laurencin, the woman highlighted by the silhouettes of this elegant and refined collection, reveals her femininity and seems discover the games of seduction.

Julien_Fournie_defile1_01-2014    Julien_Fournie_defile4_01-2014

Both ingenuous and sensual, Fournie’s creations highlight the natural beauty of women’s bodies with a delicate palette of pastel shades similar to porcelain dolls and inspired by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Julien_Fournie_defile14_01-2014    Julien_Fournie_defile10_01-2014

This more fragile, feminine and very visual collection was accentuated by adorable hairstyles and gimmicks that we can find each season: the zip, and the see through’s backs, the signatures of our beloved designer!

Julien_Fournie_defile11_01-2014   Julien_Fournie_defile12_01-2014

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