Have you ever dreamed you could record what you were looking at?

Well, SpyTec’s team got what you are looking for with its Inventio-HD sunglasses. This little tech-gem is designed to capture whatever you want, from your basic daily commute in the subway to more audacious adventures. This accessory is more stylish and just perfect to replace a Go-Pro to record exploits of skateboarders, bikers, skiers or hikers…

 The most advanced video sunglasses on the planet

The sunglasses film in full HD 720p clarity, and utilize advanced video stabilization technology and a high ISO so no one will be sick when they finally will agree to watch your “totally insane video, I swear, you HAVE TO see it!”. The Inventio HD 720 video sunglasses include 8 GB of internal memory compatible with PCs, Macs, or any monitor thanks its the included cables.

Technical Features:

  • 720P HD Video & Audio Recording
  • 16 Bit Digital Audio Recording
  • View Video through Computer or TV (Cables Included)
  • Battery life of 2 Hours
  • 8GB of Class 10 Internal Memory
  • Compatible with PC and Mac Computers
  • Built by Spy Tec
  • Includes One Year Warranty

You can buy the sunglasses at Spytech online store for $129.

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