A high-tech garment that simulates the experience of being hugged

Imagine a high-tech garment that simulates the experience of being embraced by a loved one. Well, this garment exists and its name is simply “Hug Shirt™”

The HugShirt was invented by two designers with a twist: Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz the co-founders of the cult innovative London design company CuteCircuit.

A very simple Bluetooth system

The Hug Shirt uses Bluetooth technology. It is an accessory for Java enabled mobile phones and don’t have any assigned phone number. All the sent data go from the sensors Bluetooth to your mobile phone and your mobile phone delivers the hug data to your friend’s phone and it is seamlessly transmitted Bluetooth to his or her HugShirt! . If you also have a Hug Shirt your friends can send you a hug creating it with the HugMe™ java software and it will be delivered to your Hug Shirt™!

Send Unique Hugs as easily as you send SMS

Embedded in the shirt there are sensors that feel the strength of the touch, the skin warmth and the heartbeat rate of the sender. So when a friend will send you a virtual hug, your cell phone will notify wirelessly the shirt, via Bluetooth. Your Hug Shirt then will re-create your friend’s unique and distinctive hug, replicating his or her warmth, pressure, duration and even emotion as you’ll feel his or her heartbeat. Sending “long distance” hugs will become as easy as sending SMS.

Note that the Hug Shirt is not yet available for sale… but creators made a point of honor to well design it so it will be fully washable.




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