A Whimsical and Magical Portable Programmable LED Matrix

Chris Huebner had the desire to build a programmable LED matrix that is ultra-portable and had the crazy and brillant idea to do it using… an umbrella!  

Chris had also the great idea to share his project and created an “instructable” to explain, step by step, how to reproduce this whimsical and magical umbrella.

A controllable, programmable LED show in the cosiness of your own umbrella

Using conductive thread and sewing an 8×8 matrix of LEDs into collapsable umbrella, then adding a MAX7219 LED Controller, a voltage converter and an Arduino mini pro, he got a jellyfish like twinkling blue light show that can fold up to go virtually anywhere.

Let’s dance in the rain!

To undertake this project, you should have access to standard tools (including soldering iron and solder) and have experiencing working with the Arduino hardware. Note that the Arduino is easy to setup and a program including several different animations of the LEDs is included in this ‘instructible’… it’s now time to party!

Get the complete “instructable” tutorial here. 


Thanks to Chris Huebnerhuebner5000

Copyrights picture and video : Chris Huebner

This post is also available in: French


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