Battisti Napoli is a sartorial brand from Napoli, Italy, well-known for their fashionable attire, and it might be one of the best ties brand in the world.  Their latest ingenious design is a clever tie named “The Hidden Pocket Tie”.


This tie definitely has something to hide!

The back of this innovative accessory features mother-of-pearl button that opens up to reveal a hidden pocket, large enough to store a credit card, some cash, or any tiny valuable you want to hide.


An essential component of any sartorially-minded gentleman’s wardrobe.

This creation is made from high quality, luxurious silk, and the attention to the ties finish is evident. This design is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Handmade in Italy, the tie measures 59 inches in length, and at its widest point, 3.6 inches.


Available at TieDeals or eHaberdash (sift through to find the pocket models) from $99 to $150


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