Google’s new augmented-reality Glasses could be available to the public by the end of 2012

Several anonymous Google employees are reporting that “Google glasses” could be available to the public by the end of this year. For months, rumor as it that an Android-powered device that can provide a heads-up display to the wearer and connect over wireless data services was developed by Google. The glasses should provide real time information on a user’s location thanks to a GPS and motion sensors.

Vision of the Future : Users will be able to walk around with “information popping up into display”

The Google goggles are said to look alike a regular pair of eyeglasses with few buttons on the arms of the glasses with a design slightly similar to the Oakley Thumps (pictured above). And like a Terminator, users will be able to walk around with “information popping up and into display”.  

With a WiFi or a 3G/4G connection, the goggles will tap into Google’s cloud and relay information to the user on their surrounding condition, like locations or friends nearby and objects that they look at

The Google glasses have apparently been in production for a long time and the same anonymous employees even told the New York Times that the goggles are expected to be priced like current Smartphones. For that matter, the glasses could use a phone’s Internet connection, through Wi-Fi or a low power Bluetooth 4.0. and should also work as a common smartphone, allowing users to make calls and use a wide range of apps. The glasses should feature a low-resolution built-in flash camera on the front to take pictures and self evidently for gathering information to relay to a small screen built into one side of the lenses. A non transparent screen should be located to the side of the frame, to give an augmented reality feel without interfering too much with the user’s view.

Not much else is known about the glasses features. but, based on what we think we know, what would you like to see implemented in the goggles?

Video: from “Termintor 2-Judgment Day”

Picture :  Oakley and “Termintor 2-Judgment Day” screenshot

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