Created by San Fransico based Anders Nelson, Fos is a truly wearable and affordable LED display system. Nelson developed his Fos LED patch to help keep people visible and safe while navigating the streets, for both bikers and pedestrians. Super comfortable to wear since it feels like normal fabric and really light since it weighs less than a golf ball this wearable tech is customizable by nature and connects via Bluetooth to smartphones to display simple messages or information.


Help to keep people visible and safe

The custom embedded system inside contains a powerful 32-bit microprocessor, flash memory, a sophisticated LED matrix driver and a very efficient power supply. The LED grid has elements that allow it to be extremely durable when flexing constantly. You can program it through your phone, wirelessly to personalize messages. The LEDs’ brightness will keep you visible and its video-stream capability will keep you noticed while, due to it’s lighweight, you may even forget you’re wearing it.


A totally programmable display for your bags, clothes, or even worn as a belt to show your style

The device comes in 3 styles that contains a super-bright LED grid. Two of them, an 11″ x 3″ with a 32 x 8 pixel grid and an 11″ x 5″ with 32 x 16 pixel grid are Velcro-lined black fabric patches so you can easily attach them to clothes or bags. Those patches are fitted with the buyer’s choice of white or blue LEDs. The third one is a 36″ x 3″ patch attached to a black leather belt with a 96 x 8 pixel grid fitted with amber color LEDs.


Fos runs as a Kickstarter campaign through September 25, 2013 and will launch with Android phone and tablet compatibility, with iOS to follow..

fos belt

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