Special Series Valentine’s Day!

Geeks in love, Geeks love, find throughout this week our selection of werable tech gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The wearable for sporty sweethearts

Today, the Fitbit Valentine’s Day Edition. Yes, this little device is the perfect gift to offer if the two of you are the type of couple who loves action… And by action, we mean nothing nasty but, you know… jogging, climbing, or biking together for example! To add fun, take two of them (the first for your special one, the other for yourself).

fitbit VD2

In addition to your unconditional shared love, you can share your stats!

This little witty accessory will allow you to plan your workout together and to challenge you both to achieve common or personal goals. In addition to your unconditional love for each other, you will be able to share your stats, to support each other and track your progress! And this year, as an added bonus, Fitbit has released a special Valentine’s Day edition with a bright pink color of course!

Price : about $99 USD

Pfitbit pink


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