Designed by a team of avid watch enthusiasts who have been collecting watches for years, the Lexell watches are the first of their kind stone watch cut from granite, slate and quartzite. As their collections grew, Lexell team members realized that most part of the watches sold on the market today were relatively similar, mainly because they were all made of the same materials. They decided it was time for a shake up !

Innovative and like no other one on the market

To produce their watches, the company had to develop an unconventional and witty way to mechanically cut the tiny stone pieces. The result is a final design that offers a drastically different feeling while compared of the usual product found on the market because of the innovative use of selected stones and stainless steel.

The Kikstarter project’s page launched earlier this month received an amazing support. It already nuked the hope of the brand’s team with more than $170,000 pledged of their original $15,000 goal.


The stone and steel combo offers a super sleek design that is cutting edge for a watch

stonewatch_myriad_collection stonewatch_infinity_collection
Pictures: Lexell

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