FashionLab received the award “Talent for Innovation” on Monday November 25, 2013, during the 12th ceremony of  “Talents for luxury and creation” organized by the “Committee of luxury and creation”


About the Committee of luxury and creation

The Committee of luxury and creation (Centre du luxe et de la creation) is a French committee of excellence in strategic analysis, forecasting and consulting, and various other domains that are in synergy to achieve the same goal: invent and build the future paths for the luxury industry, through creative, sociological and economic dimensions.

For the past 12 years, the Committee has implemented the competition “Talents for luxury and creation”, aimed at supporting and rewarding the best designers. The goal of this competition is to distinguish the expertise and excellence of creators and managers of the sector.

This year, 16 winners were honored at a special ceremony awards held on Monday November 25, 2013 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Paris.
Among the winners, Jerome Bergeret, director of the FashionLab at Dassault Systèmes, received the award for the “Talent for Innovation” for creating the FashionLab.

Launched in November 2011, FashionLab is Dassault Systèmes technology incubator dedicated to fashion designers. At the crossroads of the world of luxury, fashion and virtual 3D, it combines Dassault Systèmes’ creative engineering with the artistic inventiveness and know-how of designers. Its objective is to provide new experiences in luxury and fashion, incorporating virtual design, virtual simulation and collaboration tools needed to create an entire fashion collection. FashionLab provides the industry with completely new technologies that enhance the competitive advantage and shape the future of the market for luxury goods.

laureat J bergeret 770 x 524
About the “Talents for Luxury and Creation”

“Talents of Luxury and Creation” are the most prestigious awards granted to creators and managers, who are distinguished by their excellent expertise and the remarkable character of their approach. It applies to all business of luxury fashion, accessories, design, architecture, gastronomy, hotels, garden art, automobile, perfumery, cosmetics, crafts…
A panel of recognized experts representing various luxury businesses and multidisciplinary personalities from the world of luxury, then selected the winners. This competition gives the winners a very high level international recognition.

on stage 770 524

The Result of a collaborative approach

Since the FashionLab was launched in 2011, our partners have fully supported our activity, by letting technology take part of their world, in order to demonstrate that technology and craftsmanship can go together. Our partners, the French Haute Couture designer Julien Fournié, and the designer and watchmaker François Quentin, allowed us to open the doors of this particular world, and position technology to let the fashion world create further, faster and better.

This award is definitely a milestone for FashionLab. With this price “Talent for Innovation”, the FashionLab and Dassault Systèmes are positioned as a key player in the world of luxury, recognized within a community that is usually afraid of new technology. This step shows that the process initiated by the FashionLab two years ago of combining innovation and know -how is endorsed and supported by this community.

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