IF WE access a Virtual Showroom, will it give a new perception of a designer’s universe?

On September 12, 2012 FashionLab launches Julien Fournié “Premier Showroom”

Do you need information about a piece of the Julien Fournié’s collection?

Go to the virtual book and choose the references you like in the following process box to get information.

Be part of the experience!

To be part of the experience and explore the Julien Fournié’s universe in the “Premier Showroom” online virtual world, follow the this guide:


Use arrow keys to move your avatar forward, backward and sideway 

To launch videos, get closer to the virtual screens

Depending of your graphic card and computer performances, the 3D rendering experience can be upgraded.

To upgrade the rendering:

1- click on the wrench tool icon

2- choose the manual mode

3- select the quality level of your choice


A Virtual Couture Showroom to enter the world of Julien Fournié

While Dassault Systèmes’ corporate “If We” campaign is promoting its collaboration with couturier Julien Fournié on billboards in international airports, the FashionLab team and Julien Fournié are introducing on-line First Showroom – Premier Showroom.

This virtual showroom is a new way for Julien Fournié to get closer to his customers and followers, giving them access to his world and spirit in a new manner. They can now enter the designer’s universe in the online virtual world and live an experience they can access in this environment only.  The Premier Showroom will be accessible to several people at the same time allowing them to meet and exchange with each other, and with Julien Fournié live when he is connected.

A new way of using 3D Experience and virtual world to showcase Julien Fournié’s work

Through this Premier Showroom, Julien Fournié and FashionLab are revealing new possibilities for online virtual tools in the fashion world, in which designers can experiment with new and innovative ways to showcase their activities and build their brand with today’s consumers. After initially using 3D virtual tools to help design his collections faster and more efficiently, Julien Fournié is now experimenting with a new way of using 3D and the virtual world to showcase his work and the essence of his fashion house. 3D and the virtual world are, again, at the heart of this experience – offering the possibility to virtually discover or re-visit Julien Fournié’s collections via a 3D Virtual model, or watch some of the designer’s previous fashion shows on a virtual screen, in a virtual living room on the designer’s virtual sofa!

A collaborative project

Premier Showroom is the latest development in the collaboration between the fashion designer and FashionLab. It represents the new chapter in their teamwork. Julien Fournié has imagined the design, the colors, the textures and shapes involved in this virtual showroom, including the setting in a futuristic atmosphere. Just like each and every detail contained in this experience, The FashionLab team made it happen.

Virtual Showroom Julien FOURNIE by FashionLab from FashionLab on Vimeo.

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