Julien Fournié is a French-based Couturier. After having collaborated with various luxury fashion houses for ten years, Julien Fournié has established his own in 2009. It carries his name. As a partner of FashionLab since 2011, they work together on upstream ideas for the fashion industry in terms of innovation and 3D apps.


FashionLab and Julien Fournié recently announced the launch of a 100% digitally conceived footwear collection. Designed by the French Couturier, the capsule collection was born at the crossroad of the designer’s creativity and the innovative tools provided by the FashionLab by Dassault Systèmes. Together, the technology incubator and the designer have unveiled this Footwear collection in two steps.



“We have unveiled the 3D journey of a shoe from sketch to shelves with hands-on applications for the designer of course, but also for retailers and consumers” says Jerome Bergeret, Director of FashionLab at Dassault Systèmes.

1.       A Pop-up Store to reveal the collection using 3D and digital experiences

In May 2014, FashionLab by Dassault Systèmes launched a “3D Fashion Experience” during an exclusive event in Los Angeles.  Designed by Julien Fournié, this unique digital Experience allows the complete creation of a footwear collection while enabling the designer’s interaction with retailers and consumers. Through this unique and innovative experience, FashionLab and Julien Fournié are demonstrating the power of 3D and digital universes, transferring the creative process happening in the studio.


2.       The launch of “First Footwear” on the Catwalk

Thanks to Dassault Systèmes cutting-edge technologies, Julien Fournié designed digitally a shoe collection composed of a sneaker, a derby, a ballerina and a luxury sandal. In order to give life to those virtual shoes, 3D print prototypes of each model have been developed prior to launch the final production of the products. This forward-thinking process allowed a significant flexibility for the designer’s creativity and supply chain management.

At the result, Julien Fournié’s footwear collection has been showcased during Paris Couture Week in July 2014, proudly worn by the models of his own Fall/Winter fashion show, called “First Impulse”.


“This is a real technology breakthrough that allowed me to launch this First Footwear” says Julien Fournié.

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Click here to see the pictures of the event!

Discover the Best Off Los Angeles event video:

Video Best-Off Los Angeles from FashionLab on Vimeo.

About FashionLab: https://blogs.3ds.com/fashionlab/

About Julien Fournié: https://blogs.3ds.com/fashionlab/stylist/julien-fournie/

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