FashionLab attended FLOW, the European Social Media conference exclusively dedicated to fashion and luxury companies in Paris, on the eve of the Fashion Week 2014-2015.


With only 200 seats available, the event took place on the 22nd of September at the 8 Valois, near the Palais du Louvre in Paris. The day began at 8:30 with a welcoming breakfast hold by the digital marketing agency YKONE. Throughout the day, more than 20 persons shared the stage for keynotes in both French and English. At the end of the day, farewells were introduced with a networking cocktail.
We had the opportunity to meet with international speakers and professionals passionate about the digital world and more specifically about the social media sphere. They shared with us their expertise and experience in luxury, fashion, beauty, and digital.


In terms of social media, giants Twitter, Facebook (picture right), Instagram, Google (picture left) and Pinterest presented the most recent updates and they supplied the attendees with best practices and impressive expected results. Bloggers, fashion influencers, entrepreneurs, press and brands introduced their vision of the luxury world and of the fashion 2.0.



With 26 million fashion and beauty blogs, the blogosphere represents an untapped market for brands to partner and promote their brand image. Antoine Bing, CEO of Paule Ka presented for instance their campaign with the famous French blogger Garance Doré. On the other hand, Florent Canepa from Marc Jacobs fragrances, explained the importance of fashion influencers to attract and promote launches and events (with the example of the Daisey Tweet Shops with New York and London).


A traditional and familial brand such as Chopard, must use social media to create and retain loyal customers but also to communicate properly the brand identity. Barbara Houdayer told us about the added value brought by Chopard’s Twitter and Tumblr; they recently added the “pin it” button to their website products’ pictures to allow aspirational customers to feel closer to the jewelry high-end house.

 photo 4
Some speakers on the other hand were mostly focused on wearable technologies: Billie Whitehouse (picture left), a brilliant under 30 Australian designer created multiple connected clothes among which the Fox Sport Alert shirt for jersey fans, that uses wearable technology to enable fans to feel what the players feel live as it happens during the game; Henri Seydoux (picture right), genius CEO of Parrot came to talk about his “cool products that I make because they do not exist”; Julien De Préaumont, CMO at Withings, a medical high-tech company.


Overall, #FlowParis was insightful and a great way to connected with same-minded professionals; it is an inevitable event for brands and communications specialists!

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