Named Electronic Tracks, those pointe shoes could help many dancers in quest of perfection to improve their routine.

. Electronic Traces1 Electronic Traces3

Connected with these tech ballet shoes, dancers can analyze and study their movements on a screen

Thanks to innovative technology, dancers’ movements can be recorded. Then they will be able to display the recording on screen to analyse, study and improve their technique.The wearable tech pointe was created by classic danse fan Lesia Trubat, a Spanish designer. She wanted her creation to allow the wearer to track every move and dance step. The \device, which attaches directly to ballet shoes, was developed in collaboration with LilyPad Arduino.

Electronic Traces2 Electronic Traces6

How it works?

Through the pressure and movement, the dancer’s movements are translated into digital images. Then he can replay very closely all his movements and performance. Lesia explains: “The dancers can interpret their own movements and correct or compare with other people. The graphics created by gestures can be identical or different depending on the movements executed, the position of the feet and body. »

Electronic Traces4 Electronic Traces5   Via: MyModernNet

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