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100% Natural Lotus Flower Fiber made by hand in Cambodia

Awen Delaval a French fabric designer created the Lotus Center in Battambang. In this unique experimentation studio for research on lotus fibers and sub products he is helping women in Cambodia to support themselves by turning lotus flower into thread that can be weave.

The Lotus fabric looks like a blend of linen and raw silk

The Lotus fabric has historically been used to make robes for high-ranking Buddhist monks. The material is made from a fibrous substance that is pulled by hand out of lotus flower stems. Once spun into threads the fibers are hand-woven into a fabric that looks like a cross between raw silk and linen.

An alternative fabric to non eco-friendly fibers

This elegant soft to the touch fabric is also naturally 100% waterproof. It’s not a surprise it starts to make its way onto the fashion market, providing an alternative to non eco-friendly fibers and synthetics water repellent. But since it takes about 32,000 lotus stems to make just 1.09 yards of fabric, the production is still confidential and is reserved for a luxury use.


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