Be your own fabric designer 

Spoonflower is a community built around fabric and textile design. It offers custom fabric printing with no minimum order as well as as a marketplace of thousands of unique fabric designs by independent designers from around the world. With Spoonflower you can design your own fabric and have it printed to use for, clothing, decoration etc. The idea is actually quite interesting for anyone interested in special projects that involve fabric, like quilts, clothes, pillows, dolls, blankets, framed textile art…

Simple process

The process is simple. You can upload an image, a JPG or TIF at 150 DPI and no larger than 25MB (or even a picture!) then you can choose to center your image or repeat it in various ways like half-drop and half-brick.The next step is to have it printed on mercerized cotton, heavy twill, organic cotton sateen, linen cotton canevas, silk crepe de Chine… Depending on which fabric type you choose, prices range from $17.50 to $38 per yard. Prices go down the more fabric you order.  

That little extra

Even better: Spoonflower uses eco-friendly digital textile printing technology and offers natural fiber fabrics. Also, aspiring fabric designers now have access to a fantastic online marketplace, as the option of selling your creations on Spoonflower also exists!


  1. It is great when such platforms are doing a great job for the textile print professionals to unite them in one platform for designing and selling their own textile print creations. There are various other platforms available on the internet where professionals can trade their textile prints with no hassles.


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