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Called Clippa mini tool, this hair accessory is a multi-function clip that hides a toolbox in your hair…

  clippa-mini tool3

The geeky hair accessory ideal for the fashionable adventurer

Simple yet genius,  the CLIPPA is a 7-in-1 multi tool hair-clip that keeps your hair away from your face but also features a trolley coin, a wrench, a mini ruler, a cutter and 3 screwdrivers.

clippa-mini tool

Made of sturdy stainless steel, the clip measures approximately 8.4cm(W) x 12.8cm(H) x 1.2cm(D). With a $9 to $12 price tag, it is also quite affordable, considering it could be super useful, beside the fact it makes you looking super cool!

clippa-mini tool2

Via: Firebox

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