The Little Black Dress That’s Also a Cell Phone

CuteCircuit has created the geekiest version ever of “the little black dress”. Called the M-Dress (Mobile Phone Dress) this classic and elegant silk jersey dress  is also a functional soft electronics mobile phone. The dress works in  an easy and intuitive way: when the phone “rings”, answering an incoming call is as simple as bringing a palm to the ear, except that you don’t actually hold a handset in your hand. To end the call, you just have to lower the hand. 

The M-Dress accepts a standard SIM card so you can receive and make calls without carrying a cellular phone

The garment contains a slot that is sewn beneath the label to place your cell phone’s SIM card. Like the Hug Shirt, the M-Dress has technology woven into its fabric: the soft circuitry and antenna are hidden along the bottom hems. The M-Dress was designed after CuteCircuit designers research showed that very often phone calls are missed because mobile phones are difficult to found in a purse or quite awkward to carry, because most of the time, women, have garments with small or no pockets. 

The situations posed by this “phonedress”, though, are substantial. With no screen or display, you can only dial out few pre-programmed number, and you will have no idea who’s calling you! 

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