Finding properly-fitting clothes is a problem that most of the world has

To resolve the quest for the perfect-fitting clothes, a company called Bodymetrics uses some innovative body-scanning technology to help customers find the ideal garement. “The body is the last piece of information to go digital,” Bodymetrics CEO and founder Suran Goonatilake says. “We use technology to enable a new retail format, and we believe this is the next generation of apparel e-commerce.”

How does it work?

Customers wearing only in underwear or slinky clothes enter in a circular dressing room called “the pod”. Inside 16 Microsoft Kinect devices scan the shopper’s body. In five seconds, the Kinects take more than 100 different measurements to make a 3D rendering of the body’s shape and size. The measurement simply maps the body’s shape by making an outline with Kinect sensors.

Soon customers will be able to scan their bodies from their own homes 

Soon, technology will let you virtually try on clothes before you buy them online. Bodymetrics spokesman says soon the company will make it possible for customers to scan their bodies from their own homes as the software will be available for Kinect users. A good news for online shoppers whom well known problem of finding the right fit online. 

Video by : Joanne Hackett from Bodymetrics talks to Mel Carson in the Microsoft Advertising Digital Lounge at Cannes Lions 2012 about her fashionable application using the Kinect for Windows platform. 

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