Tuesday September 9th , in association with DELL, we had the pleasure to host three influential bloggers at the FashionLab. We gladely introduce them to our company and activities during this rich in (3D!) experience day.


Image 1: Vincent, Fabien, Lauriane, Thierry and François Quentin – Image 2: Justin-Paul, Lauriane, François Quentin and Thierry

3 Bloggers, 2 DELL representatives, 1 famous designer = an amazing day

The 3 bloggers, American from OHIO Justin-Paul VILLANUEVA, editor at prestigious blog Designboom, and two French young men, Fabien BOUCHARD  from UFUNK, an independent inspiration daily blog/webzine dedicated to the discovery, inspiration and creativity in all its forms created in 2009 by Fabien, and  Vincent ROMEO, from Blog Esprit Design, a blog dedicated to Design with an inspiration coming from idea to creation concept, inspiration to production, the hand to the tool, the craftsman to the designer, arrived on the Dassault Systemes, (3DS) campus in Velizy around 10am.


Lauriane FAVRE is presenting Dassault Systemes and FashionLab to the Bloggers


Jerome BERGERET & François QUENTIN

A mini discovery training workshop of the iconic software CATIA

FashionLab team welcomed them as well as Astrid LAIDET and Odile POLGE from DELL and our special guest star, François QUENTIN, designer and owner of the 4N watch brandAfter a quick visit of the campus, and the greeting of Jerome BERGERET, FashionLab’s director, the bloggers attended a presentation about 3DS and about FashionLab.
It was then the time for the 3D experience practicals! Thierry ROUF, R&D director at FashionLab has prepared a practical workshop on two workstation connected online. The workshop, called “Design a Watch” was all about 3D design. The project was the customization of a 3D watch design created by Francois Quentin using the software CATIA by Dassault Systemes.


CATIA live rendering


 Thierry is monitoring the workshop


Aude is pointing out details of Justin-Paul 3D model

The three bloggers have been reveled talented users of CATIA

While Lauriane FAVRE, FashionLab Communication manager, Aude BAYLET DIESEL, currently intern at FashionLab, and Francois QUENTIN were helping around, Justin Paul, Fabien and Vincent learned how to manipulate a 3D model in CATIA and make calculations of images using CATIA Shape / Live Rendering. They also used the tool Imagine and Shape and most of all the tool Generative Shape Design to create all the mechanical surfaces.
The three bloggers have been reveled talented users of CATIA software…


Vincent & Fabien at work!

Here is the result of their creations:

The watch by Vincent and Fabien

Vincent and Fabien2

Vincent and Fabien

The watch by Justin-Paul


Justin 02 Justin 01 Justin 00

This day rich in experience makes us want to start over! Yes… it sounds like a call for interested Bloggers!
Find the live of this day on Twitter using the #FLabDay! Follow us @3DS_FashionLab





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