Unveiled as a prototype at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas,  Blocks is a smartwatch completely customizable. Different clippable modules, from bracelet modules to screen modules, can be combined together to create “the ideal smartwatch” for any situations.


Blocks a smartwatch completely customizable

In tune with the modular design, the Blocks’ smartwatch will come with a wide range of hardware modules/options, like cameras, fitness trackers, health monitoring components, GPS… These modules are designed like watch links – which can be chosen by the user, and then snapped together to form a complete yet customized watch set. Plus! The Blocks system was designed to be open-sourced, meaning third-party developers will be encouraged to create and even retail much more ‘blocks’ options, all within the Blocks ecosystem’s scope.


Customize the look, as well as the functionality

Each modules will also have removable covers allowing to customize the look, as well as the functionality, of the device – so it is even possible to swap out modules the watch contains on a daily basis depending of the needed ones! “On the software side, we are considering Android Wear OS as an option and we think the beautiful user interface of it and the fact that Android is open-platform lies well with our vision. The main point is if we can adapt the modular approach with Android Wear,” Blocks co-founder Alireza Tahmasebzadeh tells Wired.co.uk.




The project will enter a crowd-funding in Spring

The project will enter a crowdfunding phase in April 2015, with a core block (i.e. including color touchscreen, processor, Bluetooth) pricing from US$ 100 to US$150 and each module sold between US$ 20 and 40. According to Phonebloks, shipping could start by the end of 2015.

Pictures & video:  courtesy of BLOCKS

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