This cute project, proposed by Dutch industrial designer John Vlaming for Wearable Senses, is entirely based on the co-creation concept. It allows children to design real pieces of jewelery with the help of professional designers and goldsmiths.

Children create unique jewelry directly inspired by their interests

How it works? First, children sculpt the overall design of the jewel in modelling clay, following their own interests and choosing, for example, to represent their mother’s favorite flower or their favorite animal. The object is then scanned in 3D, possibly redefined or reduced to an appropriate scale to fit the size of the final jewelry (ring, pendant …). Each pre-production stage takes place in the presence of the designer child and the goldsmith in charge of making the final object. Finally, the piece is made, according to the material chosen (plastic, gold, metal…), by 3D printing, casting, forging or with a combination of different techniques.

The entire design and manufacturing line must be facilitated by a clear and defined processes, services, and appropriate tools. A business model of this project is in progress.

Via: Wearable Senses 

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