A Watch That Tells Time With Lasers 

Aurora is a watch without any apparent dial. Actually it has a completely transparent face with no signs of the hour or minutes hand but a Touch Activated Laser Hands. This innovative watch has been created by the designer Jihun Yeom.


A Technologic Challenge and a Beautiful Clean Design

Yeom decided to put laser lights in the watch instead of the classical beams. The beams appear only when tapping the bevel edge around the watch ring, the red one indicating minutes and blue indicating hours.
Touch activated lasers can be seen by daylight depending on the power. But for now, it’s almost impossible to see a laser beam unless it is hitting you in the eyes or if they angle the laser so it could hit the wrist. The other way to see laser beams depends of the immediate air quality. It will be more easy to see the beams if there is mist or dust in the air to scatter the light but it seems a fantasy solution, unless if you are ready to breath some steam each time you have tell the time…


Still a Concept

The sad reality is that this ‘Jedi’ style watch is only a concept for now. And yes, “concept means concept”. The designer may will have to settle technological barriers or conform to them before he will be able to produce a proper product.

Too bad because I can’t wait to show off with this nice essential Geek accessory!


Via : Yanko Design

Picture: Aurora by Jihun Yeom

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