Anecdote at BaselWorld, story by Thierry Rouf, Head of FashionLab Research
Baselworld – Wednesday March 14, 2012 – 2.30 p.m.

We were at Basel, Switzerland, Stand P03 (Watch Gallery), Palace, BaselWorld. The context: an appointment between François Quentin and a journalist.

François  was discussing with the journalist to explain and describe the specificities of the 4N. The discussion was based on the physical model produced by Renaud & Papi. In addition to the physical model, there was a large Samsung screen where we showcased images of the watch.

By watching the zoomed images on the screen, the journalist said: “It is a nice picture of your watch. Which photo studio you are you working with?”

First reaction from François was to look at me very briefly to check if we got the same feeling. As he saw the surprise on my face he automatically reacted by asking a question: “What do you mean by photo studio, what you see on this screen is not a photo but a virtual image, a 3D model!”

I took this opportunity to introduce myself as the Head of FashionLab Research at Dassault Systèmes. I engaged the conversation and started manipulating the 4N 3D model in Live.

Right after the demo, it was clear to him: he was facing with a software able to reproduce the exact model, in 3D, in its context, and in real time… When 3D becomes reality!

Thierry Rouf

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