Tradition and Innovation

Mixing conventional and innovative materials and techniques, Australian designer Amelia Agosta graduated recently from the Melbourn RMIT University, used technology and using digital tools wisely to create her final year collection “Engineered Distortion”.

Engineered Distortion fuses together craft and technology

Asked to described her collection, she says : Engineered Distortion fuses together craft and technology. Informed by the architectural style deconstructivism, the collection maintains intricate pattern making and traditional tailoring techniques through sculptural forms, distorted shapes and hard and soft materials. 3D body scanning and 3D printing technologies are instrumental in articulating sculpted forms composed of repetitive lines and geometries that wrap around the female body.”

3D Modeling: Natasha Fagg

Amelia Agosta long-term dream is to open up her own label in Australia, and we are thrilled to see her next collections!



Via: Fashioning Tech

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