Those Adidas running shoes named “Springblades” feature 16 blades along the bottom of each sole. The technology was inspired by springboards and motorcycle suspension systems. Springblade’s individually tuned Energy Blades respond to any surface to harness and release more of your energy in every stride. In other words, the elastic-polymer blades will give back to the user almost the same amount of force he will put into them, for a more efficient workout and better result with an equal effort.



Photo: James Day – Adidas Springblades

Built with different reflexive properties

Adidas spokesman says that the blades are even calibrated to respond to the average weight of a person wearing each shoes’ size. then, a size 10 men’s shoe will have different reflexive properties than a size 8 women’s. Plus, the Springblade’s rear blades are made thicker than those at the front of the shoes. Actually, the thickness of the blades is even different from side to side. Also, the running shoes are built with a modular mid-sole that will give to its user different foot areas different feedback.

The Springblade will be out on August 1st for $180.


Photo: Adidas Springblades


Photo: Adidas Springblades


Photo: Adidas Springblades

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