Audio engineer Nic Pope designed a hoodie originally made to be used while working in a studio or on stage, but just perfect, for the average man, to be wear at festivals, or simply while listening the music with big headphones in a chilly weather.


This hoodie protects the head without muffling sound

Named the “Audio Engineer’s Hoodie”, the well designed and technical outfit is built to get you through your professional or leisure activities involving sound, with style and comfort. The hoddie was created to be not too bulky neither too fitted. It is made in a breathable enough to work in water-resistant poly/cotton blend with two specific acoustically transparent, speaker-cloth panels, placed in the hood.


The hoodie is available for 150$ in black with matte black hardware only, because, as Nic Pope explains : “as sound engineer, I hate it when I’m onstage and people pay attention to me!”

The hoodie features include:

  • Fabric: Durable, water-resistant poly/cotton blend (65% polyester, 35% cotton).

  • Acoustically transparent, speaker-cloth hood panels.

  • Twin kangaroo pockets, with headphone pass-through hole.

  • Interior lined with cassette-themed pattern.

  • External and internal chest pocket.

  • Internal pull-out wiring diagram.

  • Loop in the left pocket to clip your keys/flashlight/multi-tool/drum key on.


The Audio Engineer’s Hoodie is being produced by Betabrand as a crowdfunding initiative, (note that just few hours after the launching the funding goal was reached!)

To pre-order yours, you can visit the Engineer’s Hoodie Betabrand page

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