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FashionLab is Dassault Systèmes technology incubator dedicated to fashion designers. FashionLab is at the crossroads of the fashion world and the Virtual World of 3D, marrying the engineering creativity of Dassault Systèmes with the artistic inventiveness and industry know-how. It aims at giving rise to a fashion 3D Experience that integrates design, simulation and collaboration platform required to create an entire collection.

FashionLab Designers

FashionLab research projects are nurtured by the creativity of Julien Fournié, founder of the couture house that bears his name, and François Quentin, a designer of complex luxury watches and founder of 4N. Those designers believe that 3D can propel fashion and luxury to new heights and are partners of the FashionLab, working on the incubation project with engineers – Julien Fournié for Apparel thanks to his strong expertise in Haute Couture and Apparel, and François Quentin for high watchmaking and accessories.. These partners are exchanging ideas with engineers in the perspective of building new and innovative solutions for fashion designers

Incubation Projects

FashionLab is working on three main incubation projects not only with its ambassadors but also with large fashion and luxury companies.
The first incubation project is about Trends gathering: this project will help gather and manage all trends before launching a new brand, season or a news collection.
The second is the Luxe Store Experience: FashionLab is working on an application that will cover all the steps from store creation to 3D store representation and implementation strategy.
The last but not least is a 3D holistic design solution for fashion. This incubation project will help designers build a complete offer that introduces the 3D assets at the most early moment in your professional routine it’s a revolution and door opener for the fashion world.

The Future of Fashion

FashionLab provides the industry with new breakthrough technologies never seen before on the market that enhance the competitive advantage of its players and forge the future of the luxury goods market. Designers will have at their disposal every Dassault Systèmes brand to create a collection. FashionLab will help them imagine the fashion world of tomorrow better and faster, bringing them closer to their clients. They will also be able to share knowledge through a social network in private, secure work sessions.

Consumer Experiences

Through these different incubation projects, FashionLab is not only reaching designers but also consumers. FashionLab combines Dassault Systèmes design solution and development technology tailored to the needs of fashion designers and retailers to open new consumer possibility.
FashionLab is targeted towards designers of all kinds – from haute couture and leather goods to watches and accessories – as well as fashion retailers. FashionLab is working on a next generation of solutions that will enable designers to do everything from crafting a product and simulating its materials and interactions with everyday objects but more important, he opens the new unlimited possibility of the usage of 3D Virtual World for the consumer’s experience.

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