A scalable, print-based, ultrathin, flexible, rechargeable battery with high energy density

Imprint Energy a young startup created in 2012 and specialized in batteries, has designed a new type of battery. This new battery uses zinc instead of lithium, and screen printing technology. The researches result, led at the University of California –Berkeley, is an ultra-thin, scalable, high energy density, flexible, and low cost rechargeable batteries. The new Californian electrochemistry system also utilizes non-toxic, non-volatile. This innovation is a gigantic technologic step and could make possible new types of wearable electronics.

This battery could ultimately completely change the wearable industry

The young company aim to improve portable power by dramatically reducing its cost and by erasing form factor limitations and security concerns. Imagine how gadget makers should be crazy if they could create gizmos free of any constraints regarding the challenging battery issue. This is especially true while designing wearable devices.. and can even hold a charge if a hole is punched through it. We don’t know though if it could handle seam integration or a full cycle in a washer… Yet, the news is very exciting for the wearable industry!

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