On November 18th, the A.I. marketing platform corporation NextPerf organized a conference throughout an entire morning. The event took place in the renowned hotel Georges V in Paris. FashionLab attended this private conference as part of its activities of trend watching. After deep-diving into some out of many functionalities of NextPerf technological products, several speakers shared the stage to share their experiences as entrepreneurs and to share their expertise on the digital market.

Hence, the specialist of tailor-made trips Marco Vasco introduced its approach to online commerce and digital in general. They also drove the conversation from an entrepreneurial standpoint, addressing challenges and opportunities faced since the creation of this startup in 2007 in Hong Kong.

Yann Rivoallan, co-founder and sales Director of the Other Store, was also attending this networking morning.  FashionLab got the chance to meet with him previously and to appreciate his vision of marketing and user experience, during the event Hackers On the Runway in July this year. As an expert of online sales for fashion and luxury brands, the OZ participates since 6 years to implement and develop online channels for brands such as Pablo, Gérard Darel, Paul and Joe, Claudie Pierlot, and many others.

At the end of the session, the French entrepreneur, founder of Colombus Café and journalist for BFM Business and Les Echos, Sir Philippe Bloch, gave a dynamic and stimulating speech. He highlighted the fact that France was still an attractive economy, suitable for flourishing businesses. However, he didn’t miss to mention that the French pessimism is a sadly famous cultural kink, preventing from happiness at work and in life. He shared some very motivating thoughts to inspire people to look for professional success. NextPerf invited us to read his book: “Never say good luck to me anymore!”.

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