We are delighted to present the official video of the new JULIEN FOURNIÉ’s Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection.
Entitled “First Light”, this collection was presented on July 5th 2016, during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

A collection as a contemporary echo to the definition of Paris as City of Lights

The countdown has begun. Planet earth is part of the finite universe and will soon turn off. Julien Fournié is exploring galaxies and astrophysics, searching for a hopeful route, away from cynicism. “First Light” is the title of the autumn-winter 2016-2017 collection by the French couturier, as a contemporary echo to the definition of Paris as City of Lights, as an enlightened perspective on the only value that could transcend space and time: love.

JULIEN FOURNIE – Première Lumière from Julien Fournié on Vimeo.


In our three-dimensional space, selfishness rules, darkness, rigidity and blood seem the only possible adornments under a yet infinitely fascinating celestial vault. The architectured rigor of coats is softened by the femininity of fused jewelry pieces conjuring up the signs of times. Gradually, the couturier calls to a fundamentalization of elegance, creating “contoured” pieces around feminine curves, to reveal each body in a new light.
Adornments and embroidery alike play an essential role in this process: sparkling first on an exclusive new brocade to express the radiance of nebulae, they are then screened by a veil of “dark matter”, or can become crimson crystal stalactites in a gravitational design of organic shapes. They end up playing on the repertoire of discretion in shades of “nude” to accentuate body morphing.
Materials are precious:
– Triple organza silk, cotton organdi or refined to the extreme leather are used in delicate blouses, Including some chosen signs of classic space uniforms and embellished with crystal cuffs around ruffled wrists or crystal arrows on asymmetrical collars.
– With Sophie Hallette lace in esoteric patterns or exclusive brocades made in collaboration with Sfate & Combier, women dare include mohair in their long skirt or coat lining..
– In chiffon, georgette or silk jersey, the cuts enhance anatomical connections.
Everything calls here for the fourth dimension. Julien Fournié, the co-founder of Dassault Systèmes’ FashionLab, is again opening the way for the development of research towards future tools, away from any “new “ technological gizmos:
“Haute Couture should continue to be to fashion what quantum physics is to astronomy,” he said. “I mean to allow entry into another dimension through a paradigm shift. “


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