An ingenious and innovative product that combines two features in one 

Aprons and oven mitts are the must have accessories for any 4th of July BBQ master. If one prevents stains from scarring your clothing, the other prevents scars from ruining your hands. This ingenious gear combines both features in one convenient and innovative product

Oven mitts are sewn right into the front flaps

The functional design is made of durable cotton twill that resists ripping and tearing, with a nylon steam-and-grease barrier that repels splashing, spills, and stains. Padded oven mitts are sewn right into the front flaps, two buttons are at the waist from which to hang tea towels and an elastic back ensures a snug fit for all sizes.

This apron is made by Royal VKB and is available in black, green or blue.

Via : Gear Patrol


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