Aude Massoni is an industrial designer and a CATIA user expert. She also has a passion for new technologies. Aude recently participated to the CATIA Design project: Jewelry and 3D Printing with CATIA Solutions for Creative Designers. Graceful, delicate original, her 3D printed jewelry project is totally inspired by Nature and worthy of Ecole de Nancy ”Art Nouveau” great artists.

In this mini serie, she shares her inspirations, skills and techniques regarding her project. As a designer she also explain how her process to imagine and create objects.

Part two: Concept development and modeling

After the research work [see the part one Moodboard and Inspiration Research], Aude Massoni finally decided to choose 4 concepts from her moodboard. She then starts to develop each of it.

Here you can see how Aude was working and each step of the creation of her project. The most here are not whole jewelries but some part of it.  She explained: “I had to experiment a lot because it’s the really first time I was using CATIA to give life to my own product. It’s finally quite hard to simulate natural & organic shape, and I have a lot of work to do after all !”

Concept 1: PHYSALIS

What is a Physalis?


Imagine & Shape  : shape modeling


CATIA Live Rendering : background and ligths configurarions



Final rendering

Concept 2: SEALIFE RELIC + embroidery


Natural Sketch : basic lines creation 


Imagine & Shape : simulate the embrodery with a deformable tube


Imagine & Shape : apply different texture in outside/inside by cutting with bundaries


CATIA Live Rendering : offers the possibility to focus nettly on a part and have some local blur


Final rendering with vignetting (photographic effect)

Concept 3: JELLYFISH


Here Aude started to draw a sketch with Photoshop in the aim to think about the transparency/opacity she wanted to simulate later in 3D.






Natural Sketch : define the pattern by sketching helps to anticipate how to create the modeling


Imagine & Shape : creation of the same aleatory pattern (front view) in 3D surfaces 


Imagine & Shape : let’s play your creativity to produce a nice volume, close to natural honeycomb


CATIA Live Rendering : Texture application – Using an existing texture or using a specific texture created for the project (here a darken gold).


Final rendering. The piece can be handled, modified and integrated in different creations (necklace, bracelet, earrings…)

This post is also available in: French

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