Last spring, Julien Fournié, FashionLab’s founding partner, and FashionLab, presented for the first time, a 100% digitally designed capsule footwear collection. The collection, which will be part of Fournié’s Fall/Winter collection being shown on the runway on July 8th during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, was unveiled on May 22nd during a 3D Experience event at the W Hollywood in Los Angeles.


Julien Fournié’s Shoes in 3D with the Alioscopy Technology

This short video features a Julien Fournié’s shoe presented on a 3D Movie without wearing glasses in 4K resolution with the Alioscopy Technology. Note that you must see the movie with an Alioscopy screen to see the 3D effect.

Alioscopy glasses-free 3D displays (auto-stereoscopic 3D screens) show three-dimensional images instantly, without requiring cumbersome eyewear. Each eye sees a different image through a high precision lenticular lens fitted onto the LCD panel, creating a fully natural sensation of depth.

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