Sport will get the best of the wearable technologies. Recon has already targeted their products to audience that love sport and tech by providing ski and running googles with HUD that display in realtime information tracked an array of motion sensors and relayed by the smartphone.


The HUD screen appears when glancing in the lower part of the glasses.



Several modes will display information relative to navigation, notifications and performance.


The frame is designed to keep a comfortable fit during high intensity activities


The activity tracking is calculated by a 1GHz core ARM Cortex CPU


A mini map show the position tracked by the GPS chip integrated in the device


Call and messages received on smartphone are notified via bluetooth


Pictures and videos are storage in the 8GB flash ram.

If not as famous as Google Glass, Recon reminds they had started to work on their smart glasses idea long before Google : prototypes of the Jet project were presented back in 2013.

Recon Jet are now available for about $499 



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  1. Wearable devices can recognize when an athlete is fatigued, compensating for muscle tightness, dehydrated, over-exerting and countless other factors. They can be, said Clarke, an athlete’s “guardian angel.”


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