Stephen Arnold, un gourou du Search en entreprise, interroge François Bourdoncle

Stephen Arnold, analyste principal des trois premières éditions duCMS Enterprise Search Report, a récemment rencontré François Bourdoncle, co-fondateur de Exalead.

Ils reviennent ensemble sur le parcours de François Bourdoncle dans l’univers du search, les tendances du marché, les avancées d’Exalead.

ArnoldIT comment

“I count Exalead as one among four vendors that are candidates to replace an incumbent system. Furthermore, I identified Exalead as an “up and comer,” a designation that means a company has strong growth and exceptional technology. My analyses show that Exalead is “a next-generation system,” and it warrants a long, hard look by an organization wanting to deliver robust search and retrieval, content processing, and low-latency performance to a single user or tens of thousands of users.”

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