Virtual Twin Maturity Model for Mining Operations

Virtual Twin in Mining


By unifying data across different systems, a digital twin modeling platform enables powerful business transformation. Enterprises can improve quality and efficiency while reducing risk, waste and costly overruns. Our colleagues at GEOVIA have written a great 6-part blog series about the Virtual Twin Maturity Model for mining companies.

Read the GEOVIA blog series. (Note: the full articles are only available on GEOVIA’s User Community: The Sustainable Mining Network)


NETVIBES Information Intelligence is a key technology powering digital twin insights on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Learn more about how NETVIBES and GEOVIA work together to transform the future of mining and geology through 4 Target Initiatives:

  1. Strategic Geology Modeling
  2. Strategic Mine Planning
  3. Strategic Resource Modeling
  4. Tactical Mine Planning


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